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Specializing in Cellar Doors, Hatchways and Bulkhead Doors





Cellar Doors

Hatchways, Cellar Doors, Bulkhead Doors. We are factory authorized installers of Gordon, Steelway and Bilco. We will install the door that is right for your home, with unlimited choices of size and color.

Your cellar door is an integral yet often overlooked part of your home. It helps protect your home from our harsh New England weather, while also adding a layer of secrutiy. A damaged, rusted or rotted door does neither. 

A properly funtioning and maintained door does both. It sheds water away from your bulkhead while still allowing your bulkhead to breathe. Stagnant, moist air is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. A cellar door in good repair helps reduce those breeding grounds.

Let's not forget looks. A new door will look a million times better than that old rusted door or tarp. Whatever the size or the color, we can install the door that is right for you.

Concrete Repair

Damaged concrete is a common source for water ingress. The hatchway door may be doing its job, but if the foundation is cracked or crumbling, water is going to enter your home. We can repair the concrete If you have problems with water ponding or pooling around your hatchway and foundation, a cap can be added to raise the foundation to the required height.